Heather Pahkala, RN

I have been an RN for over 35 years, with experience in orthopedic and surgical acute care. Originally from Australia, I worked across three continents before settling down here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I trained to be a nurse in 1988, when holding someone's hand, washing their back, and simply sitting and listening, were as precious to them as all the medical technology of today. While scientific progress has made leaps and bounds in healthcare, I have not lost that passion for the art of nursing.

It is my desire to create a warm, safe home environment where caregivers with tender hearts and careful hands, are personally overseen by professional Registered Nursing oversight. My caregiving staff, trained to my high standards of care, will leave no stone unturned to continually explore your loved ones' individual preferences, and encourage, engage, socialize, and help them rediscover their sense of purpose and joy.

As a registered nurse with extensive caregiving experience, I will professionally advocate for your family member to a variety of healthcare entities. Endeavoring to keep communication lines open and transparent, my vast nursing background will bring you the highest degree of comfort and confidence in the quality of your loved ones' care. I will be able to anticipate and offer solutions to medical issues before they arise by offering frequent reassessments on those entrusted to my care.

Our Mission

At Active Adventures, our mission is to provide high quality, compassionate care in a warm welcoming environment, that allows our residents to maintain their dignity, autonomy and comfort. We are a community of caregivers dedicated to advocacy and excellence in caring for your loved ones. As an RN Owned home, we can ensure our staff are equipped with the necessary skills and training to meet every medical need.

Our Vision

To improve the standards of care delivered by Vancouver's community of Adult Family Homes and small Assisted Living Facilities. To provide the amenities of larger resort style assisted living facilities, in small home, intimate settings, with professional RN ownership and all of the safety, security and knowledge that this personal nursing oversight and involvement includes. My personal vision is to be a leader in my field, using my expertise to create positive change in the residential care facilities offered in this community.


"Heather Pahkala is one of the most skilled and well-versed nurses I've had the pleasure of working with. Her experience gives her a unique ability to provide humanity-focused, compassion-based care at a remarkable level that is second to none."

- Preston Campbell, CNA

"If someone on the [orthopedic] unit is going to find obscure data in the chart and link it to the bigger picture for all, it would be Heather. As a veteran nurse, she recognizes the value of a holistic, collaborative, and investigative approach to patient care..."

- Employee Annual Review

"[Heather's] clinical performance is excellent, and she is regarded as a resource person on the unit. She performs her duties with efficiency and professionalism. Heer kindness to patients was evident by the praise they bestowed on her when I did my rounds. Her caring and friendly manner endear her to colleagues and patients alike."

- Karen Glazier, RN Manager